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It’s here – that time of year again, time to rev the engine of your Hog and head for the open road. But before you take any longer trips, you’ll want to check your bike over and make sure it’s ready for the season. Routine maintenance is important, to keep your bike operating properly. Changing the oil and fluids and doing proper lubrication will help you avoid future repairs. Be aware of everything that needs to be done to prepare your Hog for the riding season. Check your battery and hook it up to a trickle charger, if it needs it. Unless you changed your oil before you put up your bike for the winter, you’ll want to change it before you do a lot of spring and summer riding. Drain the gas and put in fresh gas. You can check your tank for any rust and check the filters, Auto Insurance Deals, as well. If your Hog has been sitting idle, you may want to remove your spark plugs and give your engine a few drops of oil. Taking the time to check your Hog over now will give you better rides with fewer issues, now that the warmer seasons are here.

Nostalgia, For Old Times’ Sake

If you have a brand new motorcycle, you probably love the fresh look and the new sound that is provides. Although there is definitely something special about old motorcycles, you have to remember where they came from if you are a true enthusiast. Therefore, it can be fun to look at old bikes and other nostalgic things. For instance, purchasing an old motorcycle can be a great hobby in itself. If the old bike runs, you are sure to enjoy the classic feel of driving an old-school motorcycle, and your bike is sure to get a lot of looks as well. Even if the bike isn’t in good running condition,, you might find that it will be fun to spend the time getting it back in good shape. It could even be worth a lot of money someday, especially if you pick a classic bike and rebuild it in the correct way. If purchasing an old bike isn’t an option or simply isn’t something that you are interested in, you shouldn’t give up on remembering the nostalgic roots of your favorite bike. For instance, you can invest in old signs and other memorabilia for your favorite brand, and this can be an affordable yet fun hobby for any motorcycle enthusiast.

Why You Need that Motorcycle Insured

How about the fact that it’s a punishable offense in most of the continental United States to be zipping around on an uninsured bike? No joke. If you have a motorcycle, you have to get it insured and there are plenty of sites and services like that can easily get you squared away.

It really doesn’t matter how careful of a rider you are when it comes to your motorcycle. An accident is an accident and they can happen when you least expect them. Not to mention that, just because you’re careful, doesn’t mean other people are. You need insurance or else you face the reality of paying off the damage on an uninsured motorcycle.

If you thought the bike alone was expensive, imagine how much worse paying for the repairs will be when it’s directly coming out of your own pocket.

And, of course, there is vandalism.

Vandalism can strike at any time and there is really no way for you to anticipate it beyond just observing your own surroundings. Your bike is a little more exposed than your average car and you are more at risk when it comes to acts of vandalism to your ride. Don’t want to be uninsured when that happens.

Useful Tips For the Chopper Shopper

Chopper bikes offer a much more exciting and adrenaline-pumping experience than any other type of bike. In the motorcycle market, chopper bikes are characterized by their more muscular build and unique riding style. If you are planning to shop for a chopper bike, there is a diverse range to choose from, depending on your preferences and budget limits. This type of bikes range from retro to futuristic builds to motorcycle lookalikes, They all have expanded forks adhered to the anterior tire that makes Read more…

Top Speed and How To Get It

If you are trying to reach top speed on your motorcycle, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are riding. First off, some motorcycles are going to accelerate much faster than others. In particular, the crotch rockets were made to reach top speeds easily. However, because they accelerate so quickly, they can also be dangerous if you are not careful with them.

If you are trying to reach top speed on any motorcycle, then you should maintain your hand on the Read more…

The Rules of the Road

The rules of the road will help to ensure that you stay safe when you are motorcycling. The reason is because, if you are not careful, then you could potentially get seriously injured. A motorcycle is basically a motorized bicycle.

Here are the rules of the road:

Tip 1 Always wear a helmet

This will help to increase the chances that if you do crash, you do not risk being severely injured. Helmets protect one of the most important parts of Read more…

New Toys for Speed Loving Boys

What are some of the fastest motorcycles on the planet? Let’s talk about four of the best street bikes out there, including the Ducati 1098s, the BMW K1200 S, the Yamah YZF R1, The Honand finally the Aprila RSV 1000R Mille.

Let’s first start by talking about the K1200s. This bike is extremely quick, going from zero to sixty miles per hour in 2.8 seconds. However, not only does this motorcycle have super fast pick up, it also has a top speed Read more…

Getting Down and Dirty With Your Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes can be a blast. There is nothing like speeding over a dirt track. The reason that they are called dirt bikes, is because they were meant to get dirty. This can make them ideal for driving through a puddle of mud. However, always be careful of doing this stunt because sometimes puddles can be a little slippery.

Dirt bikes are also incredibly fun in the sense that you can hit dirt jumps with them and fly through the air. Dirt bike tracks are a brilliant way to test your dirt Read more…

Boneshaker Basics For Every Bike

There is a term in the bike community that refers to rickety bikes. This is term is boneshaker. Some times the reference is aimed more so at the paths that one rides on. The concept varies depending upon the text that it is used in, but the following spotlights some boneshaker basics that apply to both sides of the coin.

In the world of boneshaker parks and trails there are some obscure paths that give the boneshaker experience. Every bike is different, but the boneshaker trail fans need Read more…

Ultimate Rides For the Urban Cowboy

There are so many tips on keeping up your motorcycle, but it is really safest to buy a brand new motorcycle and ride that around. You can never be too sure how reliable an old motorcycle will be. You have to be sure that your safety is paramount in any situation. You need to get a lot of gear to make sure that you are safe on any motorcycle trip. You have to be willing to Read more…